AI can change the world forever – Frankenstein AI to exams, here are 6 shocking ways

Over the course of history, there have been many revolutions that have brought about changes to society and shaped mankind’s future. From an economic shift to industries in the 18th century to the digital revolution of the 2000s, the advancement in the last few centuries has been gathering pace at an ever-increasing pace. Over the last few years, another revolution has been brewing – artificial intelligence (AI). From farming, healthcare, and education to industries, the AI revolution is expected to have a major impact in every sector. Researchers say AI could reshape the world in the coming years and we list 6 ways here.

AI could reshape the world

In a new episode of the Norwegian podcast ‘Game Over?’ (via Norwegian University of Science and Technology), researchers Professor Morten Goodwin and Associate Professor Per-Arne Andersen shared their insight into how AI could change the world by the year 2029. 

1. One of the first impacts would happen in the arms race, say researchers. Countries like India, USA, and China might develop advanced AI-fuelled weapon systems. Goodwin said, “One country may invent highly intelligent drone swarms capable of inflicting significant destruction. In response, other countries will work harder to create even more devastating weapons”.

2. General AI could also see a major boost. At present, general AI helps achieve a wide variety of tasks and is not limited to one purpose such as image generation. “I don’t think we will achieve this by 2029, but perhaps we will have some kind of Frankenstein AI that combines many different forms of artificial intelligence,” Andersen said.

3. Another shocking change predicted to arrive courtesy of AI will be the disappearance of exams, say researchers. “I don’t think exams will exist in five years. Why should we test something that artificial intelligence does better than us? Although colleges and universities will still exist, they won’t be like how we think of them today,” Goodwin said.

4. Healthcare could also be one of the most impacted sectors as AI develops. Robots are already being used to conduct complex surgeries around the world. In the near future, AI, when incorporated to a larger extent into robots, could help heal damaged tissues and muscles. Robots could also detect tumours present in the body. Goodwin said, “I also believe that anti-ageing with artificial intelligence will gain prominence in the next five years. This means that artificial intelligence will not only repair damages but might also uncover why we age”.

5. Space travel could also undergo a change courtesy of AI, and researchers say billionaire Elon Musk could lead the charge. Goodwin said, “Whether the robots employed are physical or virtual may not be crucial, but I think they will be deployed by 2029, with Elon Musk at the forefront”.

6. While the rise of AI could be beneficial to some, it could also lead to a loss of jobs. And this could give rise to protests against its wide adoption. “People who lose their jobs may feel as if they are losing their identity and are no longer relevant in society. I anticipate that there will be many protests against the rise of artificial intelligence,” Andersen said.

As we navigate through this AI revolution, it is imperative that we preserve the human element of society.

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