After Whisky Maggi, Maggi Milkshake Is Making The Internet Cringe

Maggi is one of the most favourite food items for scores of people across the country. Whether it’s about making a quick evening snack or preparing a meal for the kids, Maggi always finds its way to most home menus. However, in today’s world of culinary experiments, the humble Maggi has undergone some bizarre transformations. From Fanta Maggi to Dahi Maggi, Whisky Maggi, and even Coffee Maggi, all have been subjected to these over-the-top innovations. Now, a new video making waves on Instagram is showcasing a new experiment – Maggi Milkshake. Yes, you read that correctly. However, after taking a look at the video, the internet was clearly not impressed.

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In the video, the cooking process begins by adding chopped vegetables to boiling water. Next, Maggi masala is added to the mix. After that, two packets of Maggi noodles are added to the dish. Then, milk and vanilla sauce are poured into the pan. Cheese is grated and added to the mixture. The Maggi milkshake is then poured into a glass. On top, more milk is poured, along with grated cheese, oregano, and chilli flakes. Finally, the shake is garnished with coriander before serving.

Kuch Bhi Bolo Taste Mei ekdum Mast tha ye. [Say whatever you want, but the taste was absolutely fantastic!]” reads the text attached to the video.

Take a look at the video below:

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After watching the video, numerous individuals expressed their disapproval of the dish in the comment section.

A user wrote, “It’s time to leave the earth now.”

Another one added, “Don’t waste food brroo.” 

“Way to get a heart attack,” read a comment. 

A person said, “In logo k liye nark m alag se jagah booked h [A separate place in hell is booked for these people.]”

A few echoed, “What the hell is this now?”

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