After Motorola, Samsung showcases its bendiest OLED screen

With each passing day tech giants around the world are tapping into the ever-changing developments that technology (both hardware and software) is rolling out and using it to launch new products. Recently at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, we saw some mind-blowing prototypes of future gadgets that may soon hit the market. While the transparent displays and rollable phones were the talk of the show, Samsung yet again shocked people with its new OLED Cling Band which has a rollable display that bends completely like the Motorola rollable phone concept. Know more about Samsung’s new fully bendable OLED screen below.

Samsung OLED Cling Band

According to a CNET report, Samsung’s new Cling Band concept is a mix of smartphones, smartwatches and fitness bands. The device features fully rollable OLED panels with a 6.9-inch screen. The concept looks quite similar to what Motorola showcased at the MWC 2024 event with its rollable wristphone concept. However, the Samsung device does feature a magnetic band. The Cling Band also adjusts according to the degree that the display has been bent, so the users can access and experience the entire device’s UI without any hassle.

At the MWC, Samsung also showcased its new “Magic Flex Hinge” which is a combination of OLED technology and AI capabilities. This technology provides great privacy as it adjusts the viewing angle of the screen, therefore, no second person can peek into your device. This technology will only enable the user to look at the screen and it strictly restricts others’ ability to take a peek.

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These technologies were just showcased as a prototype, but they provide us a glimpse of how our future will look like with such smart technology. Samsung has already built its monopoly with its flagship smartphone and it has just started with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In mid of this year, we may also see the new Galaxy Ring which was also showcased in Barcelona. With new tech and innovation coming, it is exciting to see how technology can bring ease to our lives.

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