Adobe launches Acrobat AI Assistant that will automatically answer questions from PDF files- Details

Adobe has significantly improved its user experience by introducing several AI tools and features across several products. The company has stepped into the AI race and introduced new AI features back to back. Now, the company has unveiled its new Acrobat AI Assistant which will make it easier for users to understand digital documents such as long PDFs, articles, and others. Earlier in February, the AI assistant was in the Beta version, and now it’s officially rolling out to the users. Know how the Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant will work. 

About Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant features

Adobe revealed that the Acrobat AI Assistant is a generative AI-powered conversational tool which is integrated into Acrobat workflows. The company has used third-party LLM technologies to provide a unique understanding of PDF structure and content.

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The AI assistant has the ability to work on several digital documents such as PDFs, Word, PowerPoint, meeting transcripts and more. In terms of its features, users can simply chat with the AI assistant and ask questions regarding their queries about the document. The assistant will also suggest questions based on the PDF’s content and answer questions accordingly. 

If you do not want to read the entire document then generate quick summaries by prompting the Acrobat AI Assistant. Moreover, the AI assistant can generate citations if users are interested in learning more about the information provided in the document. This empowers users with clickable links and they can quickly locate the information. Additionally, it will format the document for the users in seconds. Be it emails, presentations, blogs, reports, and other digital documents, you can get everything formatted. Note that the AI assistant does not only work with text prompts it also takes voice commands, allowing users to prompt the tool with their voice and ask questions, summarise documents and more. 

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Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant price and availability

The Acrobat AI Assistant is available for desktop and web users. However, for mobile users, it is Beta. If you want to experience the AI features in Acrobat, then you have to opt for its monthly subscription program which starts at $4.99. 

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