76 Students From Greater Noida Hostel Rushed To Hospital Due To Food Poisoning

In a shocking incident, as many as 76 students residing at a private hostel in Uttar Pradesh’s Greater Noida were rushed to hospital due to food poisoning. The incident occurred on Friday, March 8, after the students consumed the food specially prepared on account of Mahashivratri. As per a report published by the news outlet Press Trust of India (PTI), the affected students, who are enrolled at different colleges, had dinner made for Mahashivratri fast and later complained about feeling dizzy, uneasy, and vomiting. The police told the publication that the affected students were staying at Aryan Residency in the Knowledge Park area and ate puris made of “kuttu ka atta” or buckwheat flour.

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In a statement issued to PTI and reported by multiple news outlets, the police said, “The local police are seized of the incident which took place on Friday evening after around 76 students had their dinner and then complained of their stomachs getting upset. All the students were taken to different hospitals and their condition is stable now.”

The police further added that they are probing the incident. According to PTI, a team from the local food safety department rushed to the site for an inspection. Speaking about the incident, an official said, “The team will collect samples of food items and raw materials used to prepare the dinner. The samples would be analysed and legal proceedings initiated accordingly.”

A student named Piyush recovering at a private hospital revealed that they had dinner, which was cooked separately for those fasting on Mahashivratri, and started feeling uncomfortable.
They said, “We had dinner at around 9.30 pm. I started feeling dizzy by 10.30 pm and then went to sleep. Some friends then noticed that a lot of students had started complaining of dizziness, uneasiness, vomiting.” 

Another student named Kushal added that their body “started trembling” around midnight and they started feeling dizzy and feverish. Piyush, along with their two roommates, were rushed to the hospital later. No further updates are available at the time of writing.
This is a developing story.

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