5 Ways To Make Your Dahi Bhalla Healthier To Enjoy It Without Regret

Soft and fluffy – that’s exactly how we like our dahi bhalla. This popular Indian snack is topped with yoghurt and chutneys, making it truly delightful. You’ll often find crowds of people huddled around street vendors selling dahi bhalla in your city. It is quite flavourful and refreshing and leaves a lingering taste in the mouth that makes us ask for more. However, as much as we love dahi bhalla, it’s not the best for our health. The bhallas are deep-fried and topped with sweet accompaniments, giving it a low rating on the nutrition scale. So, does this mean we should say goodbye to our love for dahi bhalla? Absolutely not! Instead, you can experiment with the cooking process and ingredients to make it healthier. And not to worry, as your dahi bhalla would still taste as flavourful. Wondering how you can enjoy it minus the guilt? Read on to find out!
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Cooking Tips: Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Make Dahi Bhalla Healthier:

1.Use the correct yoghurt

Most of us add yoghurt to our dahi bhalla without giving it a second thought. And this is exactly where we go wrong. To make it healthier, you must be mindful of the type of yoghurt you’re adding. Avoid using yoghurt with a high fat content and stick to using low-fat yoghurt. This would make your dahi bhalla healthier, and you can enjoy it guilt-free.

2. Ditch frying them

Anything that is deep-fried is unhealthy for us and must be avoided. Sadly, bhallas are deep-fried as well, which naturally makes them high in calories. Instead of deep-frying them, consider baking them the next time. For this, take a cupcake tray and grease it well with oil. Now, pour the mixture into each circle and bake at 180 degrees C for about 15-20 minutes.

3. Cut back on sugar

Dahi bhalla is usually topped with sweetened yoghurt. It surely makes them taste delicious, but it also adds extra calories. Your aim should be to reduce the sugar as much as possible. The best thing would be to cut back on it completely. However, if you prefer to sweeten the yoghurt a bit, opt for healthier alternatives such as honey.

4. Be smart with the toppings

The type of toppings you add to your dahi bhalla also makes a huge difference. Avoid adding anything fried or sweet to keep the calories in check. This also includes the chutneys you decide to add to your dahi bhalla. The less sweet they are, the better. You can make healthier choices by topping it with sprouts, veggies, or any fruits of your choice.
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5. Exercise portion control

Another thing to keep in mind is to exercise portion control. After all, no matter how healthy your dahi bhalla is, you’re still consuming calories. Always take less first and then you can have more if needed. This way, you’ll have better control over how much you’re consuming and can prevent overeating.

Remember to bookmark these tips and follow them to enjoy your plate of dahi bhalla guilt-free next time!

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