5 Tricks To Stay A Forever Messy Eater And Still Save Your Favourite White Shirt

We are all afraid of something in our lives. Some people are afraid of ghosts, many are afraid of heights and then there are those who are afraid of wearing white. I have many achievements to be proud of, but nothing wins over the fact that I can eat a sauces-veggie-meat-cheese loaded sub without leaving behind a tiny smear of food on my clothes. Alas, there aren’t enough people like me, and so, for all you beautiful sloppy eaters (I hope my sister is not reading this), here’s a guide on how to keep being a messy eater and keep wearing white. Let’s make it happen!

Here Are 5 OMG Ideas To Eat Like There Is No Tomorrow While Wearing White:

1. Order White Food

If you are a messy eater who cannot change their ways (burns a book on dining etiquette), here’s an idea – just order white food! That way, when the food drops on your clothes, they really won’t be ruined. So switch to mayo instead of ketchup, eat white rice, white-sauce pasta, vanilla ice cream, boiled eggs, idli, etc.

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2. Eat Dry Foods

Bread crumbs? Let’s brush them off. Cookie crumbs? Easy, brush them off. Do you get the idea? Our battle is only with the sauces, gravies and their lookalikes. The ‘dry foods’ category is in your team. So order those yummy plain fries (no dips), basic fried chicken (no peri-peri masala coating), popcorn (white crumbs lol), garlic bread, peanuts, dry cake, et al. The world is your oyster. Wait! Don’t order oysters.

It is not easy to eat without messing your white clothes.

It is not easy to eat without messing with your white clothes. Photo Credit: iStock

3. Focus On Drinking More

If you drop a lot of food on your clothes whenever you eat, just focus on drinking more. The less you eat, the lesser your chances of dropping food on your clothes. Plain logic, right? What? You spill drinks too? Let go of that red wine glass and order something you can drink with a straw. You’re welcome.

4. Wear Another Shirt Inside

If you want to wear white when going out, but will wreck it while eating, here’s another practical idea. Choose a white jacket or a white shirt and then wear another shirt or tee under it that is strong enough to handle the food stains. That way, when you sit to eat, you can take off your white top layer, keep it in a safe no-spill zone and go back to feasting with zero worries. There is nothing I can do if your date thinks you are weird for following my suggestions.

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5. Say You Are Fasting

Sure, you can be a messy eater. But if you cannot follow any of the tips mentioned above, do me a favour and say you are fasting. Do not, I repeat, do not eat that Arrabbiata Pasta and come home crying. Just smile and nod along and become a messy eaten when you get back home and switch to your meaningless sweats. Now that’s your only hope to have your cake and eat it too.

The joy of messy eating is more important than a silly white shirt. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Happy eating!

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