5 Tips To Keep In Mind While Cooking With Stainless Steel

If you are a cooking enthusiast, you would know how each utensil requires a specific care guide to enhance its shelf life. Cooking with stainless steel cookware is considered a hallmark of kitchen mastery. Not only are they incredibly strong and durable, but they can be used in a variety of applications. Stainless steel utensils can also be cleaned easily. However, as easy as the whole process seems, it requires specific finesse and understanding to achieve the desired results. Stainless steel utensils are not beginner-friendly and can pose a challenge when it comes to cooking – which is sticking on the surface! If you are someone who lives alone and has no experience with using stainless steel utensils then fret not! These 5 tips could ensure you master the art of cooking with stainless steel.

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Preheating the stainless steel utensil is important for even cooking.

Preheating stainless steel utensils is important for even cooking.
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Here Are 5 Tips To Keep In Mind While Cooking With Stainless Steel

1. Preheat Properly

One of the most important tips to keep in mind while cooking with stainless steel is proper preheating. Unlike nonstick cookware, stainless steel requires more time to heat evenly and properly. Preheat your stainless steel pans over medium heat for a few minutes before adding oil or ingredients. This would ensure consistent and even cooking of your dish.

2. Use Oil or Butter Generously

While cooking in stainless steel utensils, make sure to use fat. Unlike non-stick pans and utensils, stainless steel requires fats like oil, ghee or butter to prevent food from sticking. Add a generous layer of fat to your preheated stainless steel utensil before adding other ingredients. Another tip, if the food, especially meat, sticks to the surface even after lubricating the pan, don’t fret. Instead, lower the flame and give it a couple of seconds so that it unsticks by itself. 

3. Don’t Overcrowd

One of the most common mistakes that you can make while cooking in stainless steel is overcrowding the pan. While it is tempting (and time efficient) to add all ingredients at once, overcrowding the pan can result in uneven cooking and steaming instead of proper browning. To ensure even heat distribution, leave some space between food in the pan. If necessary, cook in batches to ensure the highest quality food.

Overcrowding the stainless steel pan could lead to your food sticking to the surface.

Overcrowding the stainless steel pan could lead to your food sticking to the surface.
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4. Be Patient

To achieve a perfect blend and caramelization of flavours, you need to be patient while cooking with stainless steel. Once you have added your ingredients to the preheated pan, don’t immediately try to stir or flip it. Allow your food to turn an appropriate amount of golden brown before flipping it. Trying to move your food too quickly can result in sticking and even cooking your food.

5. Use Good Quality Utensils

To keep your stainless steel utensils from bending out of shape, choose thicker, better-quality products. Quick temperature changes, also known as thermal shock, can lead to warping, and stainless steel utensils are made of different metals that can expand and contract at different rates. To avoid this, don’t heat or cool them up too quickly and be careful with temperature changes.

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