5 Tips To Improve Your Spice Tolerance And Fall In Love With Spicy Food

Whether you are a big foodie or not, we all have a particular taste we love the most. For those with a sweet tooth, it is always the desserts, while for the fans of snacks, it is usually salty food. There are some people whose favourite foods are spicy. A bland or just salty taste is too boring for them. Their pizzas are loaded with red chilli flakes, momos are accompanied by fiery hot chutneys and even raitas are seasoned with red chilli powder. If you love spicy food, you will agree that it adds an exciting kick to your meal. However, not everyone can tolerate spice. Many people’s eyes and noses start watering the minute they mistakenly consume food with some chilli or pepper. If you want to become a fan of spicy food, then there are certain things you can do to increase your spice tolerance and enjoy spicy meals.

Here Are 5 Hot Tips To Increase Your Spice Tolerance Levels:

1. Start Small With Mildly Spicy Food

Increasing your spice tolerance does not involve chomping on raw green chillies (don’t listen to your friends who suggest so with a wide grin). Instead, you should slowly add spicy foods to your diet. You do not need to do it for every meal or every other day. Just mindfully start consuming mild-to-moderate spicy foods such as bell peppers, add some black pepper to your gravies and soups, use sweet chilli sauce as dip etc.
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2. Keep A Spicy Snack Or Side Dish

If you have poor spice tolerance, do not push yourself to eat a spicy dish as your main meal. It may also lead to digestive trouble. Instead, keep a spicy side dish, such as an achaar or a dry sabzi, or increase your spice tolerance with snacks. It is best to avoid packaged food and eat homemade snacks like chilli salsa dip, peri-peri fries, roasted spicy chickpeas, chilli cheese toast etc.

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3. Eat With Friends Who Like Spicy Food

A great way to change your taste preferences is by eating with friends who like spicy foods. They will always order something spicy and introduce you to delicious and mouth-watering spicy dishes. This is also a great way to try new kinds of spicy meals. You can also start by just tasting their meal and eventually, order one for yourself once you develop a taste.

4. Enjoy Your Meal

You will not be able to eat spicy foods like your friends do if you force yourself to eat without enjoying such meals. Since you are tuning your palate, you may not like this kind of food initially. But when you do try, focus on savouring the flavours of the dish as a whole instead of just thinking about how spicy it is.
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5. Increase The Spice Levels Slowly

As you notice your improvement with mild-to-moderate spices, gradually challenge yourself with even more spicy food. Order foods with that red chilli emoji next to them, or try those spicy 2x noodles. Keep a glass of milk handy when the food feels too spicy, and know when to stop. Do not push your boundaries excessively or abruptly.

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