5 Things You Never Realised Should Stay Far from Your Kitchen Sink

In the quest for a super-organized kitchen, every inch of free space becomes a potential storage hero. Picture this: the giant cabinet under your kitchen sink – spacious and within arm’s reach. It’s like a dream come true, right? Hold that thought! While the idea of extra space is tempting, not every corner is a safe place for your stuff. The kitchen sink area, susceptible to moisture and lacking fresh air, might not be ideal. In fact, storing stuff under the sink could potentially compromise the safety of you and your family in the long haul. If you’re the type to stash things under the sink, this article is your kitchen confidante. Time to spill the tea on what shouldn’t be hidden there!

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Kitchen supplies can leak and cause fumes under your kitchen sink area.

Kitchen supplies can leak and cause fumes under your kitchen sink area.
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Here Are 5 Things That You Should Not Store Under The Sink

1. Cleaning Supplies In Cardboard Boxes

As tempting as it may seem to remove one box from your kitchen cabinet and store it under the sink to avoid cluttering, avoid this practice. It may be convenient for you to store the chemical products away from young kids in your household, but this can be harmful to your health in the long run. Most commercial cleaners are designed to be stored in an environment with proper ventilation, something that you won’t find under the sink. If not closed properly, these chemicals can cause fumes in the small area. Moreover, cardboard tends to absorb moisture from its surroundings, so storing it under the sink might make a mess.

2. Electrical Appliances

If you have limited kitchen space, you might find storing small appliances under the kitchen sink rather than the back of the cabinet. However, electricity and moisture don’t go well together. Moisture can cause damage to your electrical appliances and also create a hazard for you if you plug them in and the appliance has moisture anywhere in the unit. Not just moisture, but the risk of water leaks or spills can also pose a safety hazard for you. It is best to store your small appliances away from the kitchen sink in a cabinet.

3. Food and Perishable Items

Sure, under the sink could seem like a great space to store food items, but it should be avoided. There is no proper ventilation under the kitchen sink, which can make the environment damp, warm, and moist. This could increase the chances of your perishable items developing mold and bacterial growth. Storing your perishables under the sink would not just make your food stale faster but also increase the chances of you getting sick. It’s better to store your perishables in an airtight box in a kitchen cabinet.

Kitchen cutlery is fragile and should not be stored under the sink.

Kitchen cutlery is fragile and should not be stored under the sink.
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4. Kitchen Cutlery

Yes, it is convenient to use, wash, and store your plates and dishes under the kitchen sink, but it could turn out to be a headache in the long run. Plates, dishes, and mugs are fragile items and are not supposed to be stored under the kitchen sink because of the plumbing pipes. These pipes tend to rattle violently and pose a chance of breaking the cutlery.

5. Wooden Items

Do you store your wooden ladle and spoons under the sink? Yes, they are sturdy and cannot be broken, but they should still be avoided under the kitchen sink. Wood tends to attract moisture and can warp and degrade when exposed to moisture. It could lead to mold growth and compromise the quality of wooden items.

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Do you have any other suggestions for what should not be stored under the kitchen sink? Let us know in the comments below.

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