5 things about AI you may have missed today: Vodafone turns to Microsoft for AI services, TCS eyes GenAI opportunities

AI roundup: Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for 2024 with companies unveiling new investments and innovations in the field. In a recent announcement, Vodafone and Microsoft signed a 10-year partnership to improve customer experience; the World Economic Forum 2024 is shedding new light on the future of AI. Check what’s happening in the world of AI.

  1. Cognizant introduced generative AI-powered Innovation Assistant, in collaboration with Microsoft

Taking a step ahead with technology, Cognizant has announced an Innovation Assistant, a generative AI-powered tool that has been developed on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. This tool will be used internally by the teams to enhance creativity and innovation. Ravi Kumar S, Cognizant’s CEO said, “Together with Microsoft, we are harnessing the power of generative AI to revolutionize our approach to innovation, with the goal of ensuring we, and our clients, stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment,” according to a release.

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2. Vodafone and Microsoft join hands to bring generative AI to improve customer experience

The initiative is a 10-year partnership in which Vodafone will be investing over $1.5 billion to improve its customer experience with the help of Microsoft’s generative AI and future innovations. Satya Nadella, chairman and CEO of Microsoft, said, “This new generation of AI will unlock massive new opportunities for every organization and every industry around the world,” according to a release.

3. Tata Consultancy Services plans to ready its staff for upcoming Generative AI opportunities

TCS will be training its more than five lakh software engineers to develop AI skills. To train and improve its staff skills, it will be partnering with several entities to make them ready for all kinds of future opportunities. PTI quoted a senior official saying, “As it gears up for the future which will witness higher demand for AI offerings, TCS is in investment mode, primarily getting the staff ready with the skills and also partnering with the right entities,” according to a PTI report.

4. Ecom Express launched Bulls.ai for the delivery of e-commerce parcels

logistics solutions provider unveils a new platform for smooth delivery of e-commerce parcels called Bulls.ai. The tool claims to correct, standardize, and predict geocoordinates for addresses across the vast topography of India. Amit Choudhary, Chief Product and Technology Officer said, “As a part of our continued journey of technology and AI-driven logistics services, Bulls.ai fills the address-piece of the puzzle, which is a fundamental capability required in large-scale e-commerce logistics,” according to a release.

5. Devos 2024 highlights AI as their main topic

The WEF 2024 will focus the most on the developments in the field of AI technology. The surge in AI investments and interest was seen after OpenAI’s ChatGPT went viral due to exceptional capabilities and that is set to continue at WEF this year. Now, tech companies around the world are bringing new innovative tools and services, making for an AI-dominated world. AI transformation was more drastic than even cryptocurrency, according to a CNBC report.

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