5 things about AI you may have missed today: UK firm disables rogue AI chatbot, GenAI risk, more

UK Parcel firm disables AI chat after poetic bot critiques customer service; AI flags patients pre-surgery alcohol risks, outperformed diagnosis codes; California community unveils AI tech to prevent School shootings; Mark Zuckerberg’s open source AGI sparks concerns among experts- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. UK Parcel firm disables AI chat after poetic bot critiques customer service 

A UK parcel delivery firm has disabled its AI chat function after a user coaxed the system into composing a poem criticizing the company’s customer service. Frustrated with the bot’s lack of assistance, the user requested a poem, leading to verses describing the bot as useless. The incident gained attention on social media with 1.1 million views. The firm opted to shut down the AI system in response, according to a Reuters report

2. AI flags patients pre-surgery alcohol risks, outperformed diagnosis codes

AI may assist in detecting patients’ risky alcohol use before surgery, as revealed by a study using natural language processing. Analyzing records of 53,811 surgery patients, the model identified not only diagnostic codes but also contextual indicators of alcohol misuse. While 4.8 percent had diagnosis codes, the AI model flagged 14.5 percent by considering factors like weekly drinks. The study suggests AI could aid clinicians in identifying at-risk patients for intervention or support, The Washington Post reported

3. California community unveils AI tech to prevent School shootings

A Northern California community is adopting AI technology to potentially prevent school shootings. Spade Security Services demonstrated AI-enabled cameras that use machine learning to detect individuals with guns, triggering instant warnings and door lockdowns. Drones follow armed individuals, providing real-time location data for police. The community sees this technology as a modern security measure, aiming to ease concerns for parents and enhance partnership between security firms and the community, according to a CBS News report

4. Mark Zuckerberg’s open source AGI sparks concerns among experts

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s commitment to developing a powerful, human-level artificial general intelligence (AGI) system and making it open source has raised concerns. Critics, including computer science professor Dame Wendy Hall, find the prospect of freely accessible AGI alarming, deeming it irresponsible without proper regulation. Zuckerberg insists on the importance of open-sourcing for the greater good, but experts fear the potential harm if AGI falls into the wrong hands, The Guardian reported

5. Generative AI poses growing cybersecurity threats

Generative AI’s rapid integration into cybersecurity raises concerns, urging global governments to regulate the technology to combat its misuse, states a recent Aspen Institute report. While acknowledging its marvel, the report emphasises the escalating cyber threats, urging regulators and industry bodies to balance generative AI’s benefits against potential harm. Divergent regulatory approaches by major nations and international bodies underscore the need for coordinated efforts to ensure responsible use and prevent misuse, CSO reported

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