5 things about AI you may have missed today: Judges allowed to embrace AI, Microsoft’s AI odyssey, more

Judges in England and Wales have been given a cautious approval to embrace AI for legal opinions; Big Tech’s AI leaves businesses exposed to copyright claims; Layered Reality’s AI hologram of Elvis offers time-travel-like experience; Deloitte implements AI chatbot ‘PairD’ to boost employee productivity- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. Judges in England and Wales cautiously embrace AI for legal opinions

England and Wales permit judges have been allowed to cautiously employ AI for crafting legal opinions. This marks a huge step into a new era in their centuries-old legal system. The Courts and Tribunals Judiciary emphasise AI’s role in opinion writing but caution against its use in research and legal analyses due to potential fabrication and bias. Second-highest-ranking judge Geoffrey Vos encouraged AI use with great care, emphasising personal responsibility. Legal scholars appreciate the judiciary’s proactive approach amid ongoing debates on AI regulation, according to an AP report via abc news.

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2. Big Tech’s AI leaves businesses exposed to copyright claims

Cloud giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google offer limited copyright protection for AI tools. While they boast AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants, concerns about using copyrighted data in these models linger. Their legal shields only cover models they directly develop, leaving businesses potentially exposed to lawsuits. Experts urge caution, emphasising the narrow scope of these protections, Financial Times reported.

3. Layered Reality’s AI hologram of Elvis offers “time-travel” experience

Layered Reality’s CEO, Andrew McGuinness, describes the AI hologram of Elvis Presley as a “time-travel” experience, which is quite distinct from Abba Voyage. The Elvis Evolution show immerses visitors in intricate sets, allowing them to interact with actors and step into the iconic singer’s life. Using temperature, taste, and smell, McGuinness aimed to transport people to Memphis in 1958. The AI generates an authentic Elvis, born from original material, offering a unique, interactive entertainment format, according to a BBC report.

4. Deloitte implements AI chatbot ‘PairD’ for employee productivity boost

Deloitte introduces “PairD,” an AI chatbot, to 75,000 employees in Europe and the Middle East. The internal tool aims to enhance productivity by generating PowerPoint presentations, writing emails, and coding. Deloitte advises users to validate the chatbot’s output for accuracy and completeness due to potential inaccuracies about people, places, and facts. Unlike competitors, Deloitte developed its AI chatbot internally, reflecting the professional services industry’s growing adoption of generative AI, Financial Times reported.

5. Microsoft’s AI Odyssey to train 100,000 developers in India

Microsoft launches AI Odyssey, a month-long initiative in India aiming to skill 100,000 developers in the latest AI technologies. The program, open to all enthusiasts, comprises two levels focusing on Azure AI services and practical AI skills. Developers completing the challenge by January 31, 2024, earn Microsoft Applied Skills credentials, validating their ability to solve real-world problems with AI, contributing to India’s tech innovation, according to a report by the Hindu Businessline.

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