5 Things about AI you may have missed today: China to upscale AI efforts, AI model could help diagnosis and more

AI roundup: Scientists have developed a new AI model that recognises diseases with the help of images and provides an in-depth visual map for diagnosis. This will empower doctors to identify the treatment in the early stages. In other news, China has been preparing its AI strategy to meet its strategic and industrial development goals. Its aim is to improve its technology self-sufficiency. Know more about what happened in the AI-verse today.

1. AI model could help diagnosis, researchers say

The journal IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging described how the new AI model could bring ease for doctors in recognizing disease and providing the right treatment with the help of a visual map. Researchers said doctors will be able to “ follow its line of reasoning, double-check for accuracy, and explain the results to patients.” Sourya Sengupta, the lead study author said, “Our model will help streamline that process and make it easier on doctors and patients alike,” according to a PTI report.

2. China to strengthen AI efforts for industrial development 

China is fast-tracking industrial development plans, especially in quantum computing and AI to achieve self-sufficiency in technology. The country will be launching an AI-plus initiative and several major science and technology programs to accelerate the development. The report highlights, “We will fully leverage the strengths of the new system for mobilizing resources nationwide to raise China’s capacity for innovation across the board,” according to a Reuters report

3. No need for curriculum change despite AI: IIT-Mandi director

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mandi Director Laxmidhar Behera said that the use of AI has not reached its full potential to educate children. Behera also said it is not required for engineering colleges to completely restructure their curriculum due to the “advent of AI” as it is not capable of conducting research. He said, “I don’t think as of now Artificial Intelligence (AI), or associated tools has attained a stage where it can really educate our students in terms of scientific concepts as well as scientific possibilities. I don’t think AI has enough of that now, because we ourselves don’t understand our own cognitive processes,” according to a PTI report

4. HCLTech announces its generative AI tool for engineers

HCLTech introduced their GenAI platform called AI Force which focuses on improving “ time-to-value by transforming the software development and engineering lifecycle.” This will accelerate employee productivity, work efficiency and timely delivery of tasks. The tool is developed on Azure OpenAI and it can also be integrated with Microsoft GitHub Copilot. Vijay Guntur, President of Engineering and R&D Services at HCLTech said, “This platform is a true game-changer and some of our pilots with clients in the technology and financial services industries have delivered extremely encouraging outcomes”, according to a release.

5. CCI to conduct a market study on AI

The Competition Commission Of India (CCI), a fair trade regulator will be conducting in-depth market research on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand AI use cases and its evolution. Ravneet Kaur the Chief of CII said, “We will shortly commence a market study on artificial intelligence to develop a comprehensive understanding of the evolving landscape of AI and AI use cases in markets in India, which could inform the strategies of the commission aimed at fostering innovation and fair competition,” as per a PTI report.

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