5 things about AI you may have missed today: Alibaba unveils AI tool EMO, Human ‘Stupidity’ in AI use feared, more

Alibaba unveils EMO AI tool that converts photos to lifelike talking, singing videos; Leonardo CEO highlights concerns over human ‘Stupidity’ in AI use; Kara Swisher unveils new book on AI generated scams amidst global concerns; Meta’s resistance and the rising AI threat: Challenges to journalism in Australia- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. Alibaba unveils EMO: AI converts photos to lifelike talking, singing videos

China’s Alibaba introduces “EMO,” an AI tool from its Institute for Intelligent Computing. EMO directly converts audio waveforms into video frames, creating lifelike talking or singing videos from single portrait photos. The researchers amassed a diverse dataset for training, leading to EMO’s superior expressiveness and realism. However, the method is time-consuming and may generate unintended artifacts due to the lack of explicit control signals for character motion, Times of India reported

2. Leonardo CEO highlights concerns over human ‘Stupidity’ in AI use

Leonardo’s CEO expressed concern over human ‘stupidity’ rather than the threats posed by artificial intelligence. Roberto Cingolani emphasizes that AI is a neutral tool, controlled by humans, and urges caution regarding users’ lack of control. Despite global warnings about AI risks, Cingolani sees the potential for technology to benefit humanity in areas like healthcare, climate modelling, and cybersecurity, CNBC reported

3. Kara Swisher unveils new book on AI generated scams amidst global concerns

Tech journalist Kara Swisher unveils a new book exploring AI-generated scams. Amid global concerns over AI, Italian defence group Leonardo’s CEO, Roberto Cingolani, emphasises worry about human ‘stupidity’ in AI use, emphasizing the importance of user control. While acknowledging AI’s neutral nature, Cingolani stresses the need for responsible technology use. AI advocates argue for its potential benefits in healthcare, climate modelling, and cybersecurity, according to The Washington Post report

4. Meta’s resistance and the rising AI threat: Challenges to journalism in Australia

Meta’s refusal to renew deals with Australian media companies is coupled with the growing threat of AI to journalism. The news media bargaining code, which initially forced Facebook and Google to negotiate, lacked a solid commercial foundation. Despite deals benefiting media companies, Meta’s intransigence and Facebook’s algorithm changes have diminished its value as a news source. With emerging platforms like TikTok and WeChat gaining importance, the political will to regulate tech giants persists, according to a report by The Guardian. 

5. Alphabet faces crisis as AI missteps trigger $80 billion market value loss

Alphabet faces a “clear and present danger” as Google’s flagship AI product misfires, leading to a $80 billion market value loss in a day. Investors now emphasize the critical role of artificial intelligence in Alphabet’s success. Falling behind in AI could jeopardize Google’s nearly $200 billion search revenue and challenge Alphabet’s position as a tech giant. Despite dominating search, Alphabet’s recent AI missteps raise concerns about its ability to lead in technology, according to a Bloomberg report

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