5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI tableau at Republic Day Parade, AI mimics Joe Biden’s voice, more

AI roundup: The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s tableau will provide in-depth information about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for various industries and the general public at the upcoming Republic Day Parade. In a surprising event, a robocall utilized AI to impersonate President Joe Biden’s voice, discouraging voters from going to the polls. This and more in our daily AI roundup. Let us take a look.

1. MeitY tableau will showcase AI use

At the Republic Day Parade, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology’s tableau will also join the parade to showcase how AI can be integrated in various sectors. JL Gupta, Director Ministry of Electronics and IT said, “This time the tableau showcased by the Ministry of Electronics and IT mainly covers AI-based technology and how AI can be helpful to the public. Apart from this, how AI can be helpful in the health sector.” ANI reported.

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2. AI used to impersonate President Joe Biden’s voice

New Hampshire attorney generals are now investigating the robocall that manipulated people in the voice of US President Joe Biden using AI tools and techniques. It tried to encourage voters not to attend Tuesday’s primary election. Attorney General John Formella said, “The recorded message, which was sent to multiple voters on Sunday, appears to be an illegal attempt to disrupt and suppress voting. Voters should disregard the contents of this message entirely,” according to an AP report.

3. Apollo Cancer Centre announces the AI-Precision Oncology Centre

Apollo Cancer Centre introduced India’s first AI-Precision Oncology Centre (POC) to improve the quality of oncology care. The centre aims to provide specialised medical services with accurate diagnosis, real-time insights, cancer risk assessment, treatment protocol and more. The AI-POC will be highly patient-centric and will provide personalized treatments, according to the release.

4. Oracle introduces generative AI service

Oracle, to make advanced generative AI accessible to more enterprises, announced the ‘Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)’ that integrates large language models (LLMs) from Cohere and Meta Llama 2 to satisfy various business use cases. The OCI Generative AI service can be used in the Oracle Cloud and on-premises via OCI Dedicated Region, according to the release.

5. RagaAI to invest in development of AI system-fixing tools

RagaAI founder, Gaurav Agarwal, an alumnus of chipmakers Nvidia Corp. announced a huge investment in developing tools that could diagnose and fix flaws with artificial intelligence systems. This tool is expected to ensure safety during the age of AI. Agarwal said, “ I’ve seen AI failures while at Ola and Nvidia. There’s an urgent need to avoid these types of scenarios, particularly in high-stakes AI use cases such as cancer detection, aircraft maintenance and AI-powered recruitment tools,” Bloomberg reported.

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