5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI Park in Gujarat, Mahindra’s AI influencer, and more

AI Roundup: Several notable developments took place in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) today, January 10. In partnership with the Government of Gujarat, Eros Investments announced the launch of the Immerso AI Park in GIFT City with the aim of becoming the foundation and the backbone of deep technology research, development, and innovation. Meanwhile, the Mahindra Formula E team drew criticism on social media after launching an AI avatar. In a separate development, Nvidia announced that its partner Yotta will set up a data center in GIFT City before the end of March.

All this, and more in today’s AI roundup.

1. Mahindra draws criticism after launching AI influencer

The Mahindra Formula E team drew flak after introducing an AI-generated female influencer on their social media page. According to a Reuters report, the AI influencer is called Ava and has a separate Instagram account. However, much to Mahindra’s dismay, it immediately drew criticism. “So many available, talented women out in the real world who eat, breathe, and sleep motorsport … and yet we are supposed to cheer for AI,” one user commented.

2. World’s biggest short-term threat is AI-fulled misinformation, says WEF

The World Economic Forum (WEF) on Wednesday said that AI-powered misinformation is the world’s biggest short-term threat. According to an AP report, WEF released the Global Risks Report which states misinformation and disinformation as the most severe risk for the next two years. Carolina Klint, a risk management leader at Marsh said, “You can leverage AI to do deepfakes and to really impact large groups, which really drives misinformation.”

3. Amnet Digital launches AI-powered analytics platform

Data, Analytics and AI solutions company Amnet Digital announced the launch of an AI-powered analytics platform on Wednesday. As per the release,  Swift Insights aims to accelerate businesses with data-driven insights and make informed decisions through intuitive dashboards. It gets features such as AI Analytics, Report Management, and Business Insights. Krishna Reddy, CEO at Amnet Digital said, “Our AI-powered analytics platform underscores Amnet Digital’s commitment to tech innovation and excellence in the Data, Analytics, & AI space.”

4. Immerso AI Park launched by Eros Investments

Eros Investments, in partnership with the Government of Gujarat, announced the launch of the Immerso AI Park on Wednesday. As per the release, this AI Park will become the foundation and the backbone of deep technology research, development, and innovation. It will be built on the foundation of Ethical AI with an archive of licensed training data and tokens from the Eros Investment Group and other partners in the world to promote the use of intellectual property in the development of Generative AI models. The Immerso AI Park will also include Immerso AI University and Immerso AI Data Center.

5. AI data center to be made in GIFT City: Nvidia

American chipmaker Nvidia on Wednesday announced that its partner Yotta will commission an artificial intelligence data center in the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT City) before March ends. As per a PTI report, Shankar Trivedi, senior vice president at Nvidia Global Field Operations said at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit that Nvidia is partnering with Reliance and Tata Group to set up data centers. “I’m very happy to inform you that our partner Yotta is setting up a state of the art AI data centre here in GIFT city and it will be available and go live before the end of March,” he said.

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