5 things about AI you may have missed today: AI drives 37% growth in tech M&A, World’s first AI-powered restaurant, more

AI drives 37% growth in tech M&A, valued at $984 billion by 2030; X Japan’s Yoshiki calls for AI legislation to protect artists rights; AI researchers stunned by unprecedented pace of development, survey finds; IBM’s Sriram Raghavan forecasts 40% surge in demand for AI specialists- this and more in our daily roundup. Let us take a look.

1. AI drives 37% growth in tech M&A, valued at $984 billion by 2030

AI propels a 37 percent compound growth in tech M&A, reaching $984 billion by 2030, despite a post-pandemic dip. Corporates anticipate increased deal volumes and values, driven by AI’s transformative role and tech giants’ continued investment. AI turbocharges diligence, enhancing efficiency and data protection, with legal implications for handling personal data. Investors must address identified risks as a pre-closing action for successful M&A strategies, Business Today reported.

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2. X Japan’s Yoshiki calls for AI legislation to protect artists rights

Yoshiki, leader of X Japan, advocates for legislation to safeguard artists’ rights amid the rise of AI in music production. Expressing concern about AI-generated songs blurring the line between human and AI compositions, he emphasizes the need for progress in copyright and publicity rights legislation to keep pace with technological advancements. Yoshiki notes the negative impact on artists’ income due to increased participation in the music industry through AI, according to a Borneo Bulletin report.

3. AI researchers stunned by unprecedented pace of development, Survey finds

AI researchers are astounded by the rapid pace of AI development, according to a recent survey. The study, conducted by AI Impacts, reveals a widespread perception among 2778 AI experts that AI progress is accelerating. The findings also highlight a divide between AI enthusiasts and cautionary voices, with the former seemingly gaining ground. The survey suggests a notable shift towards earlier feasibility expectations for various AI-related tasks between 2022 and 2023, Mashable reported.

4. IBM’s Sriram Raghavan forecasts 40% surge in demand for AI specialists

IBM’s Sriram Raghavan predicts a 40 percent surge in demand for AI specialists over 5 years. During the CNBC TV18 & Moneycontrol Global AI Conclave 2023 in Bangalore, Raghavan discussed AI’s role in addressing India’s population-scale issues. Back in the US, he outlines efforts to leverage AI in weather forecasting and extreme weather warnings, collaborating with NASA to enhance accuracy and efficiency in climate applications, Money control reported.

5. World’s first fully-autonomous AI-powered restaurant, CaliExpress, set to open in Pasadena

Pasadena is set to unveil CaliExpress, the world’s first fully AI-powered restaurant, integrating Miso Robotics and PopID technologies. This groundbreaking establishment boasts fully automated ordering and cooking processes, including a grill and fry stations operated by AI and robotics. Customers use self-ordering kiosks with PopID accounts to witness real-time burger patty creation and enjoy crispy fries served by Flippy, marking a significant leap in autonomous dining experiences, according to a CBS news report.

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