5 Refreshing Tequila-Based Cocktails To Brighten Your Weekend

Are you planning to host a party this weekend? Feeling confused about what drinks to serve to your guests? Fret not; we’re here to solve this dilemma for you. Of course, you need to have a variety of alcohol options at your party, be it vodka, whisky, gin, or wine. But our focus of attention in this article is on tequila. This liquor has grabbed the attention of many in recent times and is a must-have at any get-together. The fact that you can experiment with it in numerous ways adds to the excitement. Considering this, here we’ll be sharing with you five refreshing tequila-based cocktails that will set you in high spirits for the weekend. Take a look.
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Here Are 5 Tequila-Based Cocktails That You Should Try This Weekend:

1. Strawberry Snow

To make this cocktail, tequila is stirred with the perfect amount of Cointreau along with litchi and lime juice. It offers a perfect blend of sweet and sour flavours and is a must-try for strawberry lovers. With the summer season kicking in, this drink is perfect to enjoy for your weekend brunch scenes. Top it with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and indulge in its goodness. Click here for the complete recipe for Strawberry Snow.

2. Casa Ginger Mint Paloma

Craving a minty-cool drink to relax over the weekend? Here is a tequila-based cocktail that you’re going to love. Mint leaves and ginger syrup are muddled in a shaker and then topped with grapefruit juice and tequila. Garnish with a slice of lime, grapefruit, and a sprig of fresh mint, and savour its irresistible taste. Find the complete recipe for Casa Ginger Mint Paloma here.

3. Baba Ganoush Margarita

If you’re in the mood for experimentation, try making this unique version of a margarita. All you need to do is shake tequila, lime juice, and smoked baba ganoush, strain, and pour into a martini glass. It offers quite an interesting flavour and will make for a pleasant change from your regular margaritas. Serve it at your weekend party, and your guests are sure to be surprised. Click here for the complete recipe for Baba Ganoush Margarita.

4. City Of Tree

This delightful drink has the goodness of apples and lychee, along with a hint of elderflower syrup and lime juice. It is super refreshing and makes for a great cocktail to prepare for an evening with friends. Serve the drink in a martini glass and sprinkle dehydrated rose flower petals on top to give it that final touch. Find the complete recipe for City Of Tree here.
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5. Thai Mai Shu

Another tequila-based cocktail that deserves your attention is Thai Mai Shu. Unlike all the others mentioned above, this one is slightly spicy in flavour. It features chilli syrup, apple liqueur, ginger liqueur, basil leaves, lemon grass, and tequila. Sounds quite interesting, right? Well, wait till you try making it yourself, as you’re going to be spellbound by the results. Click here for the complete recipe for Thai Mai Shu.

Whip up these refreshing tequila-based cocktails this weekend and sip away all your worries! Happy Weekend, everyone!

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