5 Pro Tips For Enjoying Your Burrito Without Making A Mess

The joy of eating good food is unmatched. However, there are certain foods that we all struggle to eat, and this can easily ruin our entire eating experience. Among the list, many people find burritos challenging to eat. This Mexican food consists of a tortilla wrapped around a mixed filling of meat, veggies, rice, and beans, along with several sauces. It’s akin to our desi kathi roll, but only with Mexican flavours. However, these ingredients tend to spill out if not eaten correctly. The burrito may even fall apart, and this can leave you in a messy situation. Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to avoid this and enjoy your burrito the right way. Check out some helpful tips below:
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Eating Hack: Here Are 5 Tips To Eat A Burrito Without It Falling Apart:

1. Do not unwrap the entire burrito

Burritos usually come wrapped in butter paper or aluminium foil. Now, of course, we need to remove the wrapping before digging into it. However, most of us end up removing the entire thing, and this is exactly where we go wrong. In order to keep your burrito intact, you must only unwrap the area you’re able to cover in a bite. This helps keep all the ingredients in place and prevents them from falling apart.

2. Keep the burrito upright

Do you end up tilting your burrito horizontally while eating? If so, it’s time to stop! By doing so, there are high chances of the ingredients spilling out. The sauces might also leak, and you would basically just end up in a messy situation. Instead, it’s better to always hold your burrito upright, as this ensures nothing moves around and also a better grip for holding.

3. Always start at the corner

The size of a burrito is fairly large, and taking that first bite is always tricky. For most people, the first instinct is usually to take a bite right from the middle. However, this is not such a great idea, as the contents of the burrito can easily spill out. Rather, you must always start eating it from the corner. Try this simple trick and see how wonderfully it works.

4. Hold it using both hands

Another thing to keep in mind while eating a burrito is the way you hold it. If you only use one hand to do so, there’s no way you can eat it without making a mess. As a rule of thumb, always use both of your hands to hold it. This helps keep it stable and ensures a firmer bite. But remember not to hold it too tight as well, or you may end up squeezing it and all the ingredients will come out.
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5. Cut the burrito in half

If the burrito you’re eating is too big to handle, just cut it in half. For this, you’ll need to unwrap the burrito first and then wrap it again. After this, make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips to ensure everything stays intact. If you skip any of these pointers, it won’t solve your purpose of cutting the burrito in half. So, do keep them in mind and enjoy your burrito without any worries.

Remember these easy tips the next time you binge on your favourite burrito. If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration, click here to explore our impressive collection of burrito recipes.

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