5 Popular Indian Women Chefs You Should Know About On This Womens Day

Women’s Day 2024: Gender standards have forced women into the kitchen throughout history, where they have been assigned chores that are solely appropriate for a homemaker. Despite spending years running the kitchen in a home, women still haven’t fully been acknowledged for the remarkable cooks they make. Most likely, when we hear the word ‘chef,’ we immediately think of well-known Indian male chefs rather than well-known female chefs. Regardless of the societal challenges and lack of acknowledgement, women have created a space for themselves in the culinary world, as professional chefs. Many female chefs have started their cafés and restaurants providing scrumptious delicacies and decadent beverages.

On this International Women’s Day 2024, take a look at our list of 5 popular Indian women chefs who have made a name for themselves in the industry:

Here Are 5 Popular Indian Women Chefs You Should Know About On This Women’s Day:

1. Ritu Dalmia

A self-taught chef, Ritu Dalmia is famous for her mouth-watering Italian cuisine and is the owner of popular restaurants such as Diva: The Italian Restaurant in Delhi and Motodo in Mumbai. Not just this, she has authored some books too like Italian Khana, Diva Green: A Vegetarian Cookbook, and more.

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2. Anahita Dhondy

Anahita Dhondy, a former chef at Taj Mahal Hotel (Delhi) and SodabottleOpenerWala, has achieved great success in the food industry. Through her leadership at the places she has worked, she introduced the finest examples of Parsi cuisine, elevating the restaurant chain to new heights and setting a new trend in the country’s food scene. Over time, her café has become a favourite destination for those seeking excellent Parsi food. In addition to her entrepreneurial accomplishments, Anahita has also received numerous accolades and honours in the food and hospitality industries.

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3. Radhika Khandelwal

Radhika Khandelwal pioneered the trend of using locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients in the culinary industry. Fueled by her passion for utilising organic and fresh produce, she established two thriving cafes, Ivy and Bean, and Fig and Maple. Through years of diligent planning and careful consideration, Radhika was able to bring her vision to life, achieving her dream of becoming a successful chef.

4. Kainaaz Contractor

Kainaaz Contractor has made significant strides in the food industry, progressing from a Restaurant Manager to the Assistant Food Editor at BBC Good Food. Alongside her successful career, she is the proud owner of Café Dori in Chhatarpur, New Delhi, a haven for coffee enthusiasts.

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5. Ananya Banerjee

Celebrity chef, food stylist and food consultant, Ananya Banerjee has several strings to her bow. In addition to her impressive resume, which includes being the former executive editor of BBC GoodFood, she is also an accomplished author of Bangla Gastronomy and Planet Gastronomy, both widely recognised cookbooks filled with delicious recipes. Her love for food is evident in everything she does.

More power to women, Happy International Women’s Day 2024.

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