5 Indian Superfoods Hiding in Your Kitchen That Will Give Your Skin The Perfect Glow

When it comes to enhancing our skin health, many focus solely on adjusting their skincare products. While crucial, we often overlook the pivotal role our diet plays in either fortifying or compromising our skin’s well-being. As highlighted in a 2020 research article from the US National Institute of Health (NIH), “Nutrition is closely associated with skin health and is required for all biological processes of skin from youth to aging or disease. Nutrition levels and eating habits can repair damaged skin and can also cause damage to the skin.” If you’re seeking methods to elevate your skin health, here are 5 Indian superfoods recommended by Dr. Jushya Bhatia Sarin, MD Dermatologist, shared on Instagram. These superfoods, ranging from nuts to veggies, spices, and grains, might already grace your kitchen shelves and can seamlessly enhance various recipes in your daily diet.

Here Are 5 Dermatologist-Approved Indian Superfoods That Have Been Hiding In Your Pantry:

1. Tomatoes

“Tomatoes contain lycopene, an anti-ageing antioxidant which is best absorbed when fully cooked,” Dr Sarin explains in the Instagram reel. She suggests consuming tomatoes in cooked form, such as tomato soups. Other dietary sources of lycopene include red carrots, watermelons and papayas.

2. Oats

Oats are “very high in fibre” and “very low in glycemic index”. Oats can make a great breakfast option for those with acne-prone skin. However, make sure you do not add too much sugar to your oats as it may aggravate your acne.
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3. Peanuts

This crunchy, go-to snack is “full of lysine, an amino acid that helps build collagen,” adds Dr. Sarin. For the unversed, collagen provides strength and elasticity in the skin.

4. Spinach

Spinach is packed with zinc “that is great for acne-prone skin.” Further, it also has “zeaxanthin that is anti-ageing and evens out skin tone,” Dr. Sarin says. According to the US NIH, zeaxanthin is also good for eye health. Other dietary sources of zeaxanthin include kale, broccoli, peas and lettuce.
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5. Turmeric

Add this spice to your diet for good skin health. Turmeric has curcumin that “combats the free radicals that are seriously dulling your skin,” shares Dr Sarin. According to ‘The Skin Care Clinic’, Australia, free radicals are minute chemical particles that are usually the result of an inflammatory chemical process. They are healthy cells that turn bad as a result of trauma. The more free radicals we have, the faster our skin ages.

Add these simple yet powerful foods to your daily diet to get that happy and healthy skin.

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