5 Food Challenge Games You Will Want To Play At Every Party

Parties with socializing and small talk are fine, but parties with fun food challenges are at the next level. If your get-togethers with friends and family are getting boring, spice them up with these food challenge games. These challenges are fun, involve a lot of food and of course, are challenging to win. The best part, you will be left laughing and having the best time ever. These are also great games for breaking the ice. Let’s check them out!

Here Are 5 Yummy And Funny Food Games To Play At Your Next Get-Together:

1. Eat What The Chit Says

This is a super fun and bizarre food challenge game. First, gather all kinds of random ingredients you can find in your kitchen. It could be ketchup, vanilla ice cream, peanuts, strawberry sauce, nachos, biscuits, achaar, leftover roti or sabzi etc. Once you have ample of ingredients, write their names separately on chits of paper and fold them up. Now starts the exciting challenge! Each participant has to pick, say five chits each, and combine all the ingredients they get in a single bowl. The challenge is to eat it all together! Have fun watching your friends or family members miserably attempting to eat these bizarre food combinations. Don’t forget to record their reactions on a video!

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2. Whipped Cream Challenge

This is a food game that went recently viral on social media. All you need is a can of whipped cream. The participants have to form a fist, put a dollop of the whipped cream on the back of their hand and slap their arm so that the whipped cream flicks up into the air. Now the challenge is to catch this whipped cream with your mouth and eat it. Enjoy watching all your family members or friends making a mess when the cream lands anywhere else but not into their mouths.

3. Eating Competition

A classic food challenge game that never gets old, thanks to the versatility of the game that enables you to choose any kind of food for the challenge. You can try this challenge at home, or have a ‘Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi’ style Golgappe eating challenge. Several restaurants and food stalls offer rewards if you manage to complete their food challenge within the allotted time. Ensure you do not overeat as it can disturb your health.

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4. Spice Tolerance Test

This game is only for those who think they can tolerate spicy food. You can take any food item for the challenge, such as spicy Momos chutney, hot sauce, green chillies, spicy Korean noodles, spicy chicken wings etc. Ensure you do not push yourself beyond your spice tolerance limit.

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5. Lemon Spoon Race

This is a classic food game that is probably older than you are. If you played this game when you were 5 years old, it is time to bring it back! Head to an open space, such as a park, and bring along lemons and spoons. Mark a start and finish line. For this race, all participants have to balance a lemon on a spoon while holding the spoon through their mouth. No one is allowed to touch the lemon with their hands once the race begins. Whoever reaches the finish line without dropping the lemon wins!

Do you play any other fun food-related game? Share with us in the comments section.

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