5 Exciting New Ways To Enjoy Traditional Paan

Have you ever tried paan? The first thing you feel is the texture of the betel leaf, and as you bite into it, out comes the juices and burst of flavours of fillings like gulkand, coconut flakes, fennel seeds, cardamom, etc. Paan is a traditional Indian snack that is often enjoyed after meals and works as an excellent palate cleanser, along with helping improve digestion. Paan can be a great snack, as long as you are consuming one without tobacco.
A lot of people have shifted towards finishing their meals with ice cream or chocolate brownies; still, the charm of this desi mouth freshener, which also benefits digestion, continues to live. The popularity and importance of paan, specifically the traditional Banarasi paan, are so great that it was awarded a special GI tag in April 2023. The GI tag expands to the Geographical Indication tag and is accorded to products that have characteristics unique to the place of their origin.
Paan has also diversified into a range of flavours and eating styles. Interested in exploring the world of paan? Read on!

Here Are 5 Different And Refreshing Varieties Of Paan To Explore:

1. Fire Paan

Even though the original sada or meetha paan cannot get boring, this style of eating paan will give you thrills. The betel leaf is topped with the fillings, set on fire from the centre, and then the paanwala folds it up and stuffs the flaming paan into the mouth of the customer, all within a few seconds. While it may look risky, fire paan is safe to consume.
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2. Silver And Gold Paan

Paan may be a popular street-side snack, but it can also transform into something rich and lavish. Yamu’s Panchayat, India’s first paan parlour located in Connaught Place, Delhi, serves ‘Nawab Gold Paan,’ which features dry edible gold flakes on the outside and cardamom, saffron, cloves, aniseed, and turmeric inside. The place also serves ‘Ferrero Rocher Paan,’ which features an edible golden leaf on top and choona, dates, coconut powder, fennel seeds, gulkand, and Ferrero Rocher inside. Silver-coated paan is also gorgeous and more easily available.

3. Ice Paan

Another enjoyable version of eating paan is the cold and chilly ice paan. To make this, a betel leaf is filled with not just the basic paan ingredients, but also lots of shaved ice, and then it is stuffed into the customer’s mouth – freezing their mouth with the icy, cold, brain-freeze experience.

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4. Chocolate Paan

This twist to the regular paan is a big hit. Chocolate paan is available in a variety of chocolate flavours – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate. This paan flavour is a special favourite among children.
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5. Fruit-Flavored Paan

If you like fruity flavours, this paan version is for you. This delicious paan comes in a variety of fruit flavours, such as mango, strawberry, pineapple, and angoori (grapes). These add a fruity punch to your refreshing paan.
Which of these is your favourite paan version? Share with us in the comments.

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