5 Delicious Foods To Perfectly End Your Meal – Its Much More Than Gulab Jamun

Picture this: you are enjoying a delightful meal – a comforting soup, mind-blowing starters, perfect drinks, and a mouth-watering main course. Now, it’s time to conclude the meal. While many consider dessert the obvious finale, and undoubtedly a ‘sweet’ option, other foods can also provide the perfect ending to your delicious meal. Confused? Don’t be! Let’s explore the kinds of foods you can choose to end your meal on the most perfect note. They all need not be sweet, but they are delicious for sure.

Here are 5 different foods to choose for the ‘last thing’ you eat after a meal:

1. Saunf and Mishri

Many Indian family restaurants serve saunf (fennel) and mishri (sugar candy) at the end of the meal, even after dessert. This refreshing combination cleanses your palate after a heavy meal and freshens your breath. The sweetness of mishri complements the woody flavour of saunf.

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2. Paan

Many people enjoy visiting a paan shop after having dinner at home or at a restaurant. Paan is a betel leaf rolled and stuffed with chopped betel nut, gulkand, fennel seeds, and other ingredients. It can work as an excellent palate cleanser and also improve your digestion. It is best to refrain from paans with chewing tobacco as they can be detrimental to your health.

3. Aam Pappad

Aam pappad (fruit roll-up) is a favourite among children and those who love to conclude their meal with a sweet and exciting sour note. If you are hosting a dinner at home, you can end the meal by presenting an aam pappad platter, featuring a variety of sweet, sour, salty, and spicy aam pappads and imli (tamarind) candies.

4. Hot Coffee or Flavored Milk

Many people like to conclude a heavy meal with a fresh cup of hot coffee. This can be a great choice for winter or if you do not have a sweet tooth. Continuing with beverages, many people also enjoy drinking chilled kesar-flavored milk at the end of their meal. This delicious milk is loaded with the goodness of dry fruits.

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5. Ice Cream, Gulab Jamun, or Halwa

We cannot help but mention the good old desserts, the classic way to end your meal on a ‘sweet’ note. The options are endless! If you are an ice cream fan, you can choose plain vanilla or pair it with warm, fudgy brownies. You can also combine it with strawberry ice cream and top it with some fresh fruits for a tutti-fruity experience. Forever chocolate ice cream lovers know that this is the ‘only’ perfect end to a meal.
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Options for Indian dessert lovers are also diverse. There is seasonal Halwa, warm or chilled Gulab jamun, Ras malai, Kulfi, Jalebi… and so much more.

Is there any other food item you choose to conclude your meal? Share with us in the comments.

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