5 Breakfast Recipes To Make The Mornings Easy For The Hostellers

Did you spend some years of your life in a hostel? If yes, then you would know all about its perks and disadvantages. While hostel days leave you with unforgettable life memories, they also teach you about the struggles and ways to overcome them. One such is the struggle to have good food. No, we are not only talking about lavish meals, we also mean foods enriched with nutrients. Guess what, in this article, we will help you sort out one of the major issues for every hosteller- a wholesome, yet quick breakfast. That’s right.

We got you a list of breakfast options that need no extra preparation. All you need to do is, keep some basics in stock, and voila! Let’s take a look.

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Sattu sharbat

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Here’re 5 Quick And Easy Breakfast Recipes For The Hostellers:

1. Sattu sherbet:

A popular desi drink, sattu sherbet is made by mixing sattu powder with salt, sugar, lemon juice and some roasted jeera powder, if you have it in stock. All you need to do is, keep these ingredients in stock and mix them in a tall glass every morning. That’s it! The drink is protein-packed, fulfilling, and will help keep up the electrolyte balance in the body, especially during the summer season. Find the classic sattu sherbet recipe here.

2. Overnight-soaked oats:

If you want to make the meal a bit more elaborate, yet easy, try over-night soaked oats. It’s simple. Take a mason jar (with a lid), add milk, and rolled oats, and mix them well. Next, sweetener of your choice, flavourings if you want, fruits/ dry fruits, and close the lid tightly. Keep the jar in the refrigerator overnight and have it the next morning. It will load you with every necessary nutrient to kick-start the day. Click here for the recipe.

3. Fruit bowl:

Always remember, fruits are your best friend, courtesy of their rich nutrient profile. Take a bowlful of fruits of your choice, sprinkle some chaat masala, and devour. Just try to get fresh fruits and avoid stocking them up in large numbers. Have them fresh. Click here for a classic fruit bowl recipe.

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Fruit Bowl

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4. Sprouts:

By now, we all know how healthy a bowl of sprouts can be. Sprouting legumes enhances the goodness and makes for a wholesome meal on the go. You can also mix some cucumber, tomato, green chilli, coriander leaves, lemon juice, and black salt to prepare a sprout chaat for breakfast. Click here to learn how to sprout your legumes properly.

5. Sandwich:

Finally, the list can never be complete without the mention of a sandwich. A universally popular food, a sandwich has no strict recipe and can be modified as per your wish. You can either spread some protein-rich peanut butter and jam for a classic PB&J sandwich or slice some cucumber and boiled eggs and stack in between for a wholesome meal. Click here for a super quick egg sandwich recipe to try.

Like the breakfast ideas? So keep the list handy and enjoy a wholesome meal every morning, even when you are staying alone. Have a nice day!

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