4 Easy Steps To Flip Omelette Or Pancake Perfectly Without Any Spatula

Whether you are a fan of watching cooking videos or are mesmerized by live cooking stations, you must have witnessed the art of flipping an omelette or a pancake like a pro. If you too want to enhance your cooking game, flipping these foods, especially if they are loaded with toppings, can be a skill worth mastering. To get this right, here are two things you broadly need – the right technique and practice. The latter is entirely in your hands, but we can surely help with the technique. Get your pan ready and let’s go!

4 Pro Tips To Keep In Mind Before You Begin

1. Find The Right Pan

Use a light, non-stick pan so that you can easily do the flip. Avoid using an old or a heavy cast iron pan as these can make your job difficult.

2. Butter Makes Better

Make sure you use butter or oil properly or the batter will get stuck to the base of the pan.

3. Go Easy On The Fillings

If you are using any fillings or toppings, make sure you do not burden your pancake or omelette with them, or else it will get too heavy to flip. Avoid any chunky toppings and finely slice whatever you add.

4. Don’t Rush

Make sure your omelette or pancake is cooked from the base and the batter has solidified before you attempt to flip it.

4 Easy Steps To Flip An Omelette Like A Pro

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This technique can be mastered with some practice, and you will be ready to show off your flipping skills in no time. Here are the steps to flip an omelette without breaking it:

1. Let The Bottom Cook First

The omelette should not be flipped too soon. Gear up for this step once the bottom and edges have solidified.

2. Shake The Pan Gently

Begin by shaking the pan gently to ensure it separates from the bottom of the pan.

3. Time For The Big Flip

The flip should be done fast. To do this, thrust the pan forward, lifting the omelette forward and just slightly above the pan. As soon as half of the omelette is out, sharply draw the pan back, lifting the far edge to fold the omelette in half as soon as it gets back on the pan.

4. Balancing The Pressure

It is important to put just the right amount of pressure. If you flip too hard, the entire omelette may fly off and fall outside the pan. If you flip too slowly, the omelette may slide back to its original position or may not fold properly.

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4 Easy Steps To Flip A Pancake Like A Pro

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Avoid sticky pancakes and impress everyone with your no-spatula flip. Here is the technique:

1. Is The Pancake Cooked From The Bottom?

The pancake should be flipped once the edges begin to crisp up, and the top begins to bubble. For the pancake flip, you will need to use both hands.

2. Shake The Pan Gently

Begin by shaking the pan gently to ensure the pancake is not sticking to the bottom.

3. Tilt Before You Flip

Using both your hands, lift the pan slightly and tilt it forward. The pancake will naturally slide away a little and should rest on the rim of your pan.

4. Flick Your Wrists

Quickly lift the pan sharply but lightly so that the pancake goes up and flips in the air. The flipped pancake should land right back on the pan.

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Practice these techniques to master the art of flipping pancakes and omelettes in restaurant style.

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