4 AI chatbots for your phone that are simply gold! ChatGPT, Amazon Alexa to Google Assistant, know them all

As artificial intelligence (AI) developments have taken place, a new type of program has emerged, helping us accomplish tasks faster and more efficiently in our day-to-day lives – AI assistants. These programs, often available as applications on our smartphones, can carry out numerous tasks for us. From setting alarms, and scheduling meetings, to drafting emails and blogs, and even controlling smart home appliances, these tools can do it all. Check out 4 AI assistants for your smartphone that can make your life easier.

1. Amazon Alexa

Voice assistants like Alexa have gained immense popularity in recent years.  No more is there a need to get up, turn your music system on, browse a song on your phone and play it. Instead, just ask Alexa to do it. Amazon’s voice assistant is quite useful when it comes to tasks such as playing music, solving queries and even entertaining kids. It can even control smart home devices such as your TV, lights, AC, washing machine, and more, all from your smartphone. If your kid has become restless, simply ask Alexa to play a rhyme to tell a story, and it’ll keep them engaged for long periods while you get your work done.

2. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is artificial intelligence at your fingertips for Android users. This omniscient assistant can make your day-to-day life pretty easy and simple. And all you have to do is to simply say, “Hey, Google”. You can even personalize this call sign. You can get help from Google Assistant by including the habit in the “Good morning” routine and, when you ask, the virtual assistant will automatically start giving you a summary of the latest events in the world. One of the Assistant’s most useful tools is to manage context-sensitive reminders. You can set a reminder for a specific time and day to let you remind of certain activities like — Remind me to call Boss Friday at noon, or Remind me to order groceries. The virtual assistant comes with a GPS function that helps you find the best routes to your destination. Just activate the voice command to navigate and view the fastest and most congestion-free routes. 

3. ChatGPT

After the success of ChatGPT on the web, OpenAI also launched the native ChatGPT app for Android and iOS devices, bringing the power of AI to mobile devices. It is a generative AI model based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture which feeds the program with a large amount of text data to help the AI learn the nuances of human language. You can ask ChatGPT any question and it will find an answer which will be curated to the specifics of your query. The ChatGPT app enables users to engage with the generative AI-based chatbot on their iPhones. It also supports voice input through OpenAI’s speech recognition system, Whisper, and provides ChatGPT Plus users with access to advanced features through GPT-4. Its GPT-based training means it is also capable of understanding the nuances of a question even when it is presented in simple human language. On top of that, it also remembers the previous prompts and adapts to the user when used for a long session.

4. Microsoft Copilot

Microsoft Copilot is a standalone AI chatbot that can answer questions in both text as well as image formats. Interestingly, where ChatGPT only lets you access the GPT 3.5 version on the free account, Microsoft is letting you get access to GPT 4 through the Copilot app. It can draft emails, compose stories or scripts, summarize complex texts, translate texts from one language to another, create personalized itineraries, write job resumes, and much more. This is just using the app’s text-only feature. Powered by DALL E 3, the copilot app can create images from simple text prompts and materialize your concepts to reality in a wide range of styles. The app can curate social media content, develop brand motifs, generate logo designs, create custom backgrounds, build and update a portfolio, create illustrations for books, and more.

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