11 Best Coffee Brands In India That Will Level Up Your Brews

A coffee revolution is brewing in India and there are no second thoughts about it. Instant coffee is no longer the only option on our radar to brew delicious coffee. With plenty of new and upcoming brands, the regular coffee experience has been elevated to the next level. Whether you like a cold brew espresso or a vanilla latte – there are all kinds of flavours and coffees available in the market today. If you are a coffee aficionado just like us and are looking to up your brews, we have curated a list of some of the best brands in India that you have simply got to try:

Here Are 11 Best Coffee Brands In India That Will Level Up Your Brews:

1. 93˚ Coffee Roasters

Since its launch in 2022, 93˚ Coffee Roasters has been making waves in India’s coffee world. With a focus on sustainability and flavour, the brand is redefining how we enjoy our morning brew. What makes 93˚ Coffee Roasters special? They care about where their coffee comes from. By working closely with farmers and using ethical practices, they ensure each cup tells a story of quality and care.

2. Sleepy Owl

If you are a cold brew coffee lover, Sleepy Owl is for you. This homegrown brand has been flying off the supermarket shelves. With subtle flavours and a light taste, you have got to try this brand today.

3. Araku Coffee

Named after the Araku valley in the Eastern Ghats, this brand opened up its first flagship store in 2021 in Bangalore. The coffee that you get is 100% organic and tastes divine.

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4. King’s Coffee

With coffee sourced from Vietnam, King’s Coffee has become extremely popular ever since it launched in 2017. It has a range of options including lactose-free ones as well.

5. Blue Tokai

Farm fresh coffee that is freshly roasted and 100% pure is what makes Blue Tokai stand apart. They launched in 2013 and have slowly grown to be a staple in every Indian household.


Smooth and delicious, SLAY coffee has a fan following of its own. The single-origin coffee has the mission of making premium coffee affordable. They also use temperature-resistant packaging to make their products last longer.

7. Rage Coffee

Rage Coffee is a plant-based vitamin coffee brand that is not just aromatic and delicious, but also flavourful! Started in 2018, the coffee is crafted in small batches and sourced from Ethiopia and India.

8. Third Wave Coffee Roasters

Another coffee brand that is highly recommended by coffee enthusiasts is Third Wave Coffee. Sourced from the Chikmaglur hills in the Western Ghats, they assure you of a cafe-style experience every time.

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9. Bhava Coffee

Filter coffee is one of the most-loved beverages in Southern India, and Bhava coffee is here to take it to a new level. You have got to try their premium filter coffee that will make you forget everything else.

10. Beanly

Beanly was launched in 2018 to bridge the gap between instant coffee and freshly brewed coffee. Their offerings include Vietnamese coffee, nitro coffee cans, cold brew cans and the newly launched chocolate-hazelnut and coffee-flavoured dips. 

11. Bevzilla

\With the onset of winter, wrap yourselves in furry blankets, wear those cosy outfits, and savour the ultimate delight with Bevzilla’s Hot chocolate. Complementing this snug vibe is Bevzilla’s irresistible hot chocolate available in an Original blend with its warmth, the nutty delight of Hazelnut, and the cosy spice of Cinnamon in every comforting sip! Crafted from premium Tamil Nadu organic cocoa, these blends fuse cocoa powder complimented with cinnamon powder for Cinnamon Hot chocolate in their packed boxes of delectables, sweetened with Date Palm Jaggery for guilt-free indulgence. 

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